HomeMatic BidCoS


Device IDType NumberDescription
263 1300x8Bradio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount) Schueco
263 1310x8Cradio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount) Schueco
263 1320x881 channel dimmer L (ceiling voids) Schueco
263 1330x8A1 channel dimmer TPBU (flush mount) Schueco
263 1340x891 channel dimmer T (ceiling voids) Schueco
263 1350x8DHM Push Button 2 Schueco
263 1440x92HM Switch Interface 3 switches Schueco
263 1450x8FHM Push Button Interface Schueco
263 1460x86radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount) Schueco
263 1470x87radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount) Schueco
263 1550x8EHM Remote Display 4 buttons Schueco
263 1570x94HM-WDS40-TH-I Schueco
263 1580x93HM-WDS10-TH-O Schueco
263 1620x90HM radio-controlled motion detector Schueco
263 1670x91HM Smoke Detector Schueco
263_149_/_263_1500x9BWCS-TipTronic-Modul Schueco
BRC-H0x65Dorma Remote 4 single buttons
HM-DW-WM0x1092 channel dimmer PWM
HM-Dis-EP-WM550xFBHM Wireless Status Display with push button for 55mm frames
HM-Dis-TD-T0x78radio-controlled flip sign
HM-Dis-WM550xD3HM Wireless Status Display
HM-ES-PMSw1-DR0xEAWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with power metering, DIN Rail mount
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl0xACpower meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl-DN-R10xD7power meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl-DN-R20xE2power meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl-DN-R30xE3power meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl-DN-R40xE4power meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl-DN-R50xE5power meter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-ES-PMSw1-SM0xF6Wireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with power metering, surface-mount
HM-ES-TX-WM0xDEWireless sender for power meter sensor
HM-LC-AO-SM0x104Setpoint Generator 0-10V, 1-channel, surface mount
HM-LC-Bl1-FM0x5radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Bl1-FM-20xD2radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Bl1-PB-FM0x53radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Bl1-SM0x6radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Bl1-SM-20xD1radio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM0x6Aradio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-DDC1-PCB0x4Eradio-controlled door drive controller 1-channel (PCB)
HM-LC-DW-WM0x108dual white PWM dimmer
HM-LC-Dim1L-CV0x121 channel dimmer L (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1L-CV-20xB71 channel dimmer L (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1L-Pl0x131 channel dimmer L (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1L-Pl-20xA31 channel dimmer L (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1L-Pl-30xB31 channel dimmer L (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1PWM-CV0x671 channel dimmer PWM (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1PWM-CV-20xB51 channel dimmer PWM (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1T-CV0x721 channel dimmer T (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1T-CV-20xB91 channel dimmer T (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim1T-DR0x1051 channel dimmer T (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Dim1T-FM0x731 channel dimmer T (flush mount)
HM-LC-Dim1T-FM-20xBA1 channel dimmer T (flush mount)
HM-LC-Dim1T-FM-LF0xF51 channel dimmer T (Lichtforum)
HM-LC-Dim1T-Pl0x711 channel dimmer T (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1T-Pl-20xA41 channel dimmer T (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1T-Pl-30xB41 channel dimmer T (plug)
HM-LC-Dim1TPBU-FM0x681 channel dimmer TPBU (flush mount)
HM-LC-Dim1TPBU-FM-20xB61 channel dimmer TPBU (flush mount)
HM-LC-Dim2L-CV0x162 channel dimmer L (ceiling voids)
HM-LC-Dim2L-SM0x702 channel dimmer L (surface mount)
HM-LC-Dim2L-SM-20xB82 channel dimmer L (surface mount)
HM-LC-Dim2T-SM0x742 channel dimmer T (surface mount)
HM-LC-Dim2T-SM-20xBB2 channel dimmer T (surface mount)
HM-LC-Ja1PBU-FM0x107radio-controlled jalousie actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-RGBW-WM0xF4Wireless RGBW Controller for wall mounting
HM-LC-Sw1-Ba-PCB0x6Cradio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel PCB
HM-LC-Sw1-DR0xF0radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Sw1-FM0x4radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw1-FM-20xCAradio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw1-PB-FM0x51radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw1-PCB0x103radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel, PCB
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl0x11radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-20xA1radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-30xC8radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-CT-R10xEBWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with clamp terminal, plug adapter
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-CT-R20xECWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with clamp terminal, plug adapter
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-CT-R30xEDWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with clamp terminal, plug adapter
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-CT-R40xEEWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with clamp terminal, plug adapter
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-CT-R50xEFWireless Switch Actuator 1-channel with clamp terminal, plug adapter
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-DN-R10xD8radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-DN-R20xE6radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-DN-R30xE7radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-DN-R40xE8radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-DN-R50xE9radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel
HM-LC-Sw1-Pl-OM540x11 channel switch (plug OM54)
HM-LC-Sw1-SM0x2radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Sw1-SM-20xC9radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Sw1-SM-ATmega1680x141 channel switch (surface mounted)
HM-LC-Sw1PBU-FM0x69radio-controlled switch actuator 1-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw2-DR0x62radio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Sw2-DR-20xCCradio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Sw2-FM0x9radio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw2-FM-20xCBradio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw2-PB-FM0x52radio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw2-SM0xAradio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Sw2PBU-FM0x101radio-controlled switch actuator 2-channel (flush-mount)
HM-LC-Sw4-Ba-PCB0xABradio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel PCB
HM-LC-Sw4-DR0x61radio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Sw4-DR-20xD0radio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (DIN rails)
HM-LC-Sw4-PCB0x2Dradio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (PCB)
HM-LC-Sw4-PCB-20xCEradio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (PCB)
HM-LC-Sw4-SM0x3radio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Sw4-SM-20xCDradio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (surface-mount)
HM-LC-Sw4-SM-ATmega1680x154 channel switch (surface mounted)
HM-LC-Sw4-WM0x66radio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (wall-mount)
HM-LC-Sw4-WM-20xCFradio-controlled switch actuator 4-channel (wall-mount)
HM-MOD-EM-80xD9radio-controlled switch module
HM-MOD-EM-8Bit0x106Wireless Transmitter Module, 8-bit
HM-MOD-Re-80xBEradio-controlled switch module
HM-OU-CF-Pl0x5Cradio chime with light flash
HM-OU-CFM-Pl0x75radio chime with light flash
HM-OU-CFM-TW0xFAWireless MP3 chime module with memory for battery operation
HM-OU-CM-PCB0xAFwireless chime module mp3 with memory
HM-OU-LED160x6DHM output unit LED16
HM-PB-2-FM0xBFHM Wireless Push-Button 2-channel for brand switch systems, flush-mount
HM-PB-2-WM0x36HM Push Button 2
HM-PB-2-WM550x6BHM Push Button 2
HM-PB-2-WM55-20xC2HM Push Button 2
HM-PB-4-WM0x35HM Push Button 4
HM-PB-4Dis-WM0x60HM Remote Display 4 buttons
HM-PB-4Dis-WM-20xDDHM Remote Display 4 buttons
HM-PB-6-WM550xA9HM Push Button 6
HM-PBI-4-FM0x34HM Push Button Interface
HM-RC-120x29HM Remote 12 buttons
HM-RC-12-B0x2AHM Remote 12 buttons (black)
HM-RC-12-SW0x4CHM Remote 12 buttons (softtouch white)
HM-RC-190x37HM Remote 19 buttons
HM-RC-19-B0x38HM Remote 19 buttons (black)
HM-RC-19-SW0x4DHM Remote 19 buttons (softtouch white)
HM-RC-2-PBU-FM0xE0HM Wireless Sender 2-channel for brand switch systems, flush mount
HM-RC-40x8HM Remote 4 buttons
HM-RC-4-20xA0HM Remote 4-2
HM-RC-4-30xD4HM Remote 4-3
HM-RC-4-3-D0xF8HM Remote 4-3 single buttons
HM-RC-4-B0x3BHM Remote 4 buttons (black)
HM-RC-80xDAHM Remote 8
HM-RC-Dis-H-x-EU0xE1HM Remote Control with Displays
HM-RC-Key30x1DHM Remote 3 buttons (Key)
HM-RC-Key3-B0x1EHM Remote 3 buttons (Key black)
HM-RC-Key4-20xA6HM Remote KeyMatic 4-2
HM-RC-Key4-30xD6HM Remote KeyMatic 4-3
HM-RC-P10x1AHM Remote 1 button
HM-RC-Sec30x1BHM Remote 3 buttons (Sec)
HM-RC-Sec3-B0x1CHM Remote 3 buttons (Sec black)
HM-RC-Sec4-20xA5HM Remote Security 4-2
HM-RC-Sec4-30xD5HM Remote Security 4-3
HM-SCI-3-FM0x5FHM Shutter Contact Interface
HM-Sec-Key0x19KeyMatic white
HM-Sec-Key-O0x27KeyMatic bronze
HM-Sec-Key-S0x26KeyMatic silver
HM-Sec-MDIR0x4AHM radio-controlled motion detector
HM-Sec-MDIR-20xC0HM radio-controlled motion detector
HM-Sec-MDIR-30xF7HM radio-controlled motion detector
HM-Sec-RHS0x30HM Rotary Handle Sensor
HM-Sec-RHS-20xC3HM Rotary Handle Sensor
HM-Sec-SC0x2FHM Shutter Contact
HM-Sec-SC-20xB1HM Shutter Contact
HM-Sec-SCo0xC7HM Shutter Contact optical
HM-Sec-SD0x42HM Smoke Detector
HM-Sec-SD-20xAAHM Smoke Detector 2
HM-Sec-SFA-SM0x50radio-controlled siren flash actuator (surface-mount)
HM-Sec-Sir-WM0xF9radio-controlled indoor siren
HM-Sec-TiS0x43HM Tilt Sensor
HM-Sec-WDS0x45HM Waterdetectionsensor
HM-Sec-WDS-20xB2HM Waterdetectionsensor
HM-Sec-Win0x28WinMatic white
HM-Sen-DB-PCB0xDCWireless Doorbell Sensor
HM-Sen-EP0x44HM Sensor for Electronic Pulses
HM-Sen-LI-O0xFDHelligkeitsensor Au├čen
HM-Sen-MDIR-O0x5DHM radio-controlled motion detector outdoor
HM-Sen-MDIR-O-20xC1HM radio-controlled motion detector outdoor
HM-Sen-MDIR-O-30x10AHM radio-controlled motion detector outdoor
HM-Sen-MDIR-SM0x4FHM radio-controlled motion detector surface-mount
HM-Sen-MDIR-WM550xDBBewegungsmelder mit Tastenpaar
HM-Sen-RD-O0xA7HomeMatic Rain detector
HM-Sen-Wa-Od0x9FHomeMatic capacitive filling level sensor
HM-SwI-3-FM0x46HM Switch Interface 3 switches
HM-Sys-sRP-Pl0x76selective repeater
OLIGO.smart.iq.HM0xFCPWM dimmer module
RC-H0x54DORMA Remote 4 buttons
ST6-SH0xF3SensoTimer ST 6 Smart Home
WDF solar0x96ROTO WDF solar
ZEL STG RM DWT 100x7EHM Remote Display 4 buttons Roto
ZEL STG RM FDK0x81HM Rotary Handle Sensor Roto
ZEL STG RM FEP 230V0x7Bradio-controlled blind actuator 1-channel (flush-mount) Roto
ZEL STG RM FFK0x82HM Shutter Contact Roto
ZEL STG RM FSA0x7AClimateControle-ValveDrive Roto
ZEL STG RM FSS UP30x83HM Switch Interface 3 switches Roto
ZEL STG RM FST UP40x7FHM Push Button Interface Roto
ZEL STG RM FWT0x79ClimateControl-ThermoControl Roto
ZEL STG RM FZS0x7Cradio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel Roto
ZEL STG RM FZS-20xA2radio-controlled socket adapter switch actuator 1-channel Roto
ZEL STG RM HS 40x80HM Remote 4 buttons Roto
ZEL STG RM WT 20x7DHM Push Button 2 Roto
atent0x64DORMA Remote 3 buttons