Device IDType NumberDescription
01-A5-04-020x01A50402Temperature and Humidity Sensor -20°C to 60°C + Battery
01-A5-08-010x01A50801Eltako FHB65B/FBH65S/FAH65S/FBH65TFB
01-A5-38-010x01A53801Eltako FSR14
01-A5-38-020x01A53802Eltako FUD61NPN-230V
01-D5-00-010x01D50001Eltako FTKE
01-F6-02-010x01F60201Eltako FSM61-UC
02-A5-08-010x02A50801Eltako FHB65SB
0B-A5-07-010x0BA50701Peha FU-BM
0D-A5-04-020x0DA50402Temperature and Humidity Sensor -20°C to 60°C
0D-A5-09-0C0x0DA5090CTotal Volatile Air Compounds sensor
A5-02-010xA50201Temperature Sensor -40°C to 0°C
A5-02-020xA50202Temperature Sensor -30°C to 10°C
A5-02-030xA50203Temperature Sensor -20°C to 20°C
A5-02-040xA50204Temperature Sensor -10°C to 30°C
A5-02-050xA50205Temperature Sensor 0°C to 40°C
A5-02-060xA50206Temperature Sensor 10°C to 50°C
A5-02-070xA50207Temperature Sensor 20°C to 60°C
A5-02-080xA50208Temperature Sensor 30°C to 70°C
A5-02-090xA50209Temperature Sensor 40°C to 80°C
A5-02-0A0xA5020ATemperature Sensor 50°C to 90°C
A5-02-0B0xA5020BTemperature Sensor 60°C to 100°C
A5-02-100xA50210Temperature Sensor -60°C to 20°C
A5-02-110xA50211Temperature Sensor -50°C to 30°C
A5-02-120xA50212Temperature Sensor -40°C to 40°C
A5-02-130xA50213Temperature Sensor -30°C to 50°C
A5-02-140xA50214Temperature Sensor -20°C to 60°C
A5-02-150xA50215Temperature Sensor -10°C to 70°C
A5-02-160xA50216Temperature Sensor 0°C to 80°C
A5-02-170xA50217Temperature Sensor 10°C to 90°C
A5-02-180xA50218Temperature Sensor 20°C to 100°C
A5-02-190xA50219Temperature Sensor 30°C to 110°C
A5-02-1A0xA5021ATemperature Sensor 40°C to 120°C
A5-02-1B0xA5021BTemperature Sensor 50°C to 130°C
A5-02-200xA50220Temperature Sensor -10°C to 41.2°C
A5-02-300xA50230Temperature Sensor -40°C to 62.3°C
A5-04-010xA50401Temperature and Humidity Sensor 0°C to 40°C
A5-04-020xA50402Temperature and Humidity Sensor -20°C to 60°C
A5-04-030xA50403Temperature and Humidity Sensor -20°C to 60°C (10-bit)
A5-05-010xA50501Barometric Sensor
A5-06-010xA50601Light Sensor 300lx to 60.000lx
A5-06-020xA50602Light Sensor 0lx to 1.020lx
A5-06-030xA50603Light Sensor 10-bit 0lx to 1.000lx
A5-06-040xA50604Curtain Wall Brightness Sensor
A5-06-050xA50605Light Sensor 0lx to 10.200lx
A5-07-010xA50701Occupancy Sensor
A5-09-0C0xA5090CTotal Volatile Air Compounds sensor
A5-10-120xA51012Room Operation Panel - Temperature, Humidity and Set Point
A5-12-010xA51201Automated Meter Reading - Electricity
A5-14-010xA51401Single Input Contact
A5-20-010xA52001Heating Radiator Valve Drive
A5-20-040xA52004Heating Radiator Valve Drive
D2-01-010xD20101Switch with local control
D2-01-030xD20103Switch with local control
D2-01-080xD20108Switch with local control
D2-01-090xD20109Switch with local control
D2-01-0F0xD2010FSwitch with local control
D2-01-100xD20110Switch with local control
D2-01-110xD20111Switch with local control
D2-01-120xD20112Switch with local control
D5-00-010xD50001Contacts and Switches - Single Input Contact
F6-01-010xF60101Switch Buttons
F6-02-010xF60201Rocker Switch, 2 Rocker; Light and Blind Control - Application Style 1
F6-02-020xF60202Rocker Switch, 2 Rocker; Light and Blind Control - Application Style 2
F6-10-000xF61000Window Handle
FE-F6-02-010xFEF60201Rocker Switch, 2 Rocker; Light and Blind Control - Application Style 1
FE-F6-02-020xFEF60202Rocker Switch, 2 Rocker; Light and Blind Control - Application Style 2
OPUS BRiDGE 1 channel (563.01x)0x40D20101OPUS BRiDGE 1 channel (563.01x)
OPUS BRiDGE 16A 1 channel (563.014)0x40D20101OPUS BRiDGE 16A 1 channel (563.014)
OPUS BRiDGE 2 channel (563.020)0x40D20111OPUS BRiDGE 2 channel (563.020)
OPUS BRiDGE Blind (563.031)0x40D20502OPUS BRiDGE Blind (563.031)
OPUS Smart Motion Sensor (563.052)0x40A50401OPUS Smart Motion Sensor (563.052)
OPUS Wall sensor0x40F60201OPUS Wall sensor
Thermokon STC-DO80x7F0001Thermokon STC-DO8
Virtual Rocker Switch0xFFF60201Virtual Rocker Switch