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Device IDType NumberDescription
HMW-IO-12-FM0x1B00RS485 I/O module 12-channel (flush-mount)
HMW-IO-12-Sw14-DR0x1C00RS485 I/O module 12-channel in and switch actuator 14-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR0x1200RS485 I/O module 12-channel in and switch actuator 7-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-IO-4-FM0x1000RS485 I/O module 4-channel (flush-mount)
HMW-IO-SR-FM0x1600RS485 I/O SR
HMW-LC-Bl1-DR0x1500RS485 blind actuator 1-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-LC-Bl1-DR-20x1D00RS485 blind actuator 1-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-LC-Dim1L-DR0x1400RS485 dimming actuator 1-channel leading edge (DIN rails)
HMW-LC-Sw2-DR0x1100RS485 switch actuator 2-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-Sen-SC-12-DR0x1900RS485 shutter contact 12-channel (DIN rails)
HMW-Sen-SC-12-FM0x1A00RS485 shutter contact 12-channel (flush-mount)